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Pay-per-Click Marketing

Our Paid Search team benefit from 6-years PPC management experience and work alongside the SEO, Content and Analytics teams to ensure your investment receives the highest return possible.

Our PPC team are skilled in optimising Search, Display, Remarketing and Shopping performance across;

If your CPCs have escalated, your conversion rates have dropped or you’d just like an honest appraisal from a trusted team of professionals – please get in touch.

Or, if this is all a bit new to you, keep on reading!

What is Pay-Per-Click marketing?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – also known as SEM, paid search, or sponsored search – is attractive to many businesses requiring immediate visibility on the major Search Engines.

Considered as a ‘tactical’ medium, PPC is essential for any business lacking natural search engine visibility and traffic to their website.

What are the benefits of PPC marketing?

  • PPC is instant – get to the top of Google and Bing in a day
  • PPC is flexible – increase/decrease bids immediately
  • PPC is accountable – learn what audiences, keyphrases and adverts deliver a return-on-investment
  • PPC is geo-targeted – appear only in UK/International cities you choosePPC_Agency_Bristol
  • PPC is scalable – quickly expand your reach through Search and Display networks

Which PPC Platform should I use?

Site Reach manage a combination of paid search platforms for our clients, depending on their sector and business objectives. We most commonly use Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads and manage the whole process – including tracking setup, campaign creation and optimisation.

Unlike other PPC companies who simply let their campaigns run unattended, we optimise our campaigns on a daily basis, adjusting the cost-per-clicks and optimising audience lists, keyword targeting and placements, to ensure the maximum cost-per-conversion for your daily spend. All text and image ads are produced to a high standard by our in-house creative team;

Our PPC Display Ads

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How does PPC work alongside SEO?

A PPC campaign can help to test new products and services before you invest more heavily in them, and inform your SEO strategy of the most commonly searched for phrases – which is useful for discovering profitable niche keywords.

PPC is essential if you’re not appearing on organic search results for keyphrases that are vitally important for your business, however, it’s important not to become too dependant on paid traffic as click-costs may increase. Site Reach often recommend a balanced SEO and PPC strategy based on your business objectives.

To find out how PPC can work for your business, or to start your Free PPC Audit, call 0117 214 0101 and talk to our Google Partner team or submit an enquiry here. 

  • Meet your Cost-per-click (cpc) or cost-per-acquisition (cpa) targets