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Liverty provide homes for over 21,000 people across the south west. With a clear requirement for easy and efficient communication between Liverty and its customers, Creation identified social media as a powerful engagement channel for the housing sector.

At a glance

Social Media Marketing

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Already keen innovators, Liverty required Creation’s expertise to demonstrate the value that Facebook could provide to their communications channels. This complimented a wider channel shift programme in place.


Our Solution

We started with thorough research into who Liverty were and who they were trying to communicate with, heading out to community events and speaking to residents, as well as interviewing stakeholders across the business. We were bowled over by the both the attitude, and the passion of the people who work with Liverty to make the world a better place. We wanted to harness this passion into an engaging plan of action. The output was a detailed Social Media Strategy – linked back to KPIs at each step, so we could measure success and benchmark our efforts.  We take an agile attitude to the roll out of any strategy, constantly testing our assumptions and making sure the data backs up our approach.




Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Customer service enquiries increase