Technical SEO Indexation Project Results in 151% Organic Uplift



Digital Identity & Access Management company, Forgerock approached Site Reach with the Technical SEO brief of helping them increase organic traffic to their onsite documentation pages. Thousands of pages containing documentation and Q&A information were being indexed, but due to the length and format of these technical guides they were struggling to get these articles to appear on page-1 in Organic Search.

"Site Reach helped us identify some key issues with our Technical SEO. After making changes, our search visibility and site indexation improved significantly. They stayed with us and helped us analyze the stats during the following months. Thanks to them, we now have more confidence in our SEO implementation and understand search engine logic much better."

Zoltan- Senior Customer Cloud Architect, Foregerock

At a glance

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Our Objectives

  1. Identify Technical SEO issues causing indexation or visibility issues
  2. Provide a Technical SEO Report to improve indexation & landing page visibility
  3. Increase Organic traffic to the site

The Result

There were a large number of documents per product (new product versions are released regularly) and the size of each document also meant that the content was split out by chapter, with one page per chapter.

This posed two main problems:

  • There were a large number of pages being indexed which were duplicated content or near-duplicated content
  • There were many more web pages being indexed than necessary (index bloat), which meant that the issue was not necessarily with the number of pages being indexed, but the level of authority which Google and other search engines attached to those pages

We implemented the following steps:

  • Created multiple Sitemaps, divided into categories to make it easier for Google to crawl and index all relevant pages
  • Canonical tags were used to massively reduce the amount of duplicate content indexable by Google
  • Sub-domains containing similar and non-user content were de-indexed to further reduce duplicates
  • Heading tags were optimised to ensure they were relevant and key-word led
  • Pagination (rel=prev and rel=next) was used to group together content split up by chapter

Following the changes in Dec 2016, indexed pages were cut in half, resolving indexation bloat and duplication. As a result, organic traffic saw an uplift of over 150% in 3 months, and in the months following the technical implementation, year-on-year traffic stood at 170%.

“We loved working on this project with Forgerock, it really gave us the opportunity to stretch our analytical minds and embark on a real in-depth technical SEO piece.”
Patti Thomson, SEO Manager, Site Reach



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