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Web Analytics

Is your Google Analytics dashboard displaying accurate data?

In order to gain an accurate representation of your campaign performance, it’s imperative that your Google Analytics dashboard is set up correctly and allows you to make decisions based on reliable data.

Our Google Analytics IQ qualified team work with clients to ensure proper implementation of Google Tag Manager (incl. ecommerce and cross-domain tracking), Facebook Pixel, Bing Universal Event Tracking and other campaign/UX tags.


What type of Performance Reports can we provide?

We work with clients to deliver a bespoke suite of reports that are tailored to their requirements. This typically includes any combination of the following:

Ranking Reports

  • Up to 50 keywords tracked on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Competitor Keyword Ranking analysis
  • International Ranking Reports by country (using local IP addresses)

Website Analytics Reports

  • Landing Page/Keyword Reports
  • Brand vs. non-brand keywords
  • Desktop vs Mobile and Tablet visits & conversions
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Geo-reporting
  • Booking Funnel Analysis
  • Revenue Performance per channel
  • Shopping feed performance (e.g. ROAS per campaign)
  • Social Media Engagement (incl. Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc)



Our monthly reports are tailored to demonstrate performance across all marketing channels, giving you total accountability of spend vs. ROI. All reports can be provided in .csv or .PDF format.

Google Tag Manager setup

Site Reach are particularly experienced in setting up Google Tag Manager for large, complex domains. If you require cross-domain tracking (e.g. 3rd party booking engines), custom Google Analytics dashboards or help with event tracking, get in touch.

Google Tag Manager


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