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Lifetime Training are one the UK’s leaders training providers, developing the skills and careers of thousands of individuals nationwide. As their organisation grew, they required more Search & Social traffic (Organic and Paid) to increase inbound B2C leads for their training courses and apprenticeships.

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After initial discovery meetings we undertook a full technical audit of Lifetime’s site and backlink profile. This allowed us to identify areas where the site was lacking in quality content or had technical SEO issues which were hindering Organic visibility for important search terms, such as such as “become a personal trainer”.

Our paid search team also audited the Google and Bing accounts and found showed signs of outdated PPC management, with old creative, poor keyword selection as well as a host of other issues affecting the Cost-Per-Lead.



The PPC team set to work auditing and restructuring the PPC campaigns, shedding 163 campaigns down to 64. We optimised keywords, creative, audiences and RLSA optimisation as well as diversifying spend into other PPC channels, including Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

We also introduced our Conversion Rate testing suite, split testing A/B/C landing pages to find the optimum balance of creative and messaging for all campaigns.

Over the next year, our daily updates on cost-per-lead gave Lifetime the confidence to invest significantly higher budgets into PPC, as it provided the lowest cost lead than any other marketing activity.

Meanwhile, our SEO team re-architected the domain, optimising URL structure, page content and coding to allow faster indexation of key apprenticeship and jobs pages, plus higher ranking positions and PPC Quality Scores for important landing pages.

To support SEO goals, we earned 28 quality backlinks from top industry sites within 6 months, using infographics and other content.



Conversions & Analytics

Conversion rate increased YoY



PPC budget reduced


Conversions & Analytics

Cost per conversion improved