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Away Resorts understood the importance of Search Engine marketing to their growth strategy and appointed Site Reach back in 2012 to grow their ROI-focused digital marketing activity cross SEO, PPC, Remarketing and Content Marketing.

"SEO is like a dark art and Site Reach is very much the Hogwarts of getting you prepared for it. In fact one could describe (MD) Tom Bennison as the Professor Snape of SEO!"

Carl Castledine, CEO, Away Resorts

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Our SEO objectives

Site Reach were tasked with producing ‘above-the-fold’ Search Engine visibility for over 50 high-traffic key phrases, targeting all relevant searches UK holiday destinations. In summary, we were asked to;

  1. Devise an SEO strategy for all 4 x holiday parks
  2. Roll out monthly updates to increase ranking positions
  3. Keep within the major Search Engines’ shifting quality guidelines
  4. Create quality, shareable content that attracts inbound links
  5. Implement cross-domain  ecommerce tracking via Google Analytics
  6. Measure and report all ranking changes & cross-channel performance

Holiday Park SEO

Our PPC objectives

  1. Lower the CPA for holiday sales
  2. Reduce the click budget, which had been spiraling out of control
  3. Improve the ROI on Mobile devices
  4. Implement a Remarketing strategy
  5. Implement Facebook Ads and Bing Ads (Search & Remarketing)

The Results

Despite heavy competition from local operators and nationwide booking sites, Site Reach were able to reach page-1 on Google Organic for 90% of keyphrases within 12-months , and within this time organic traffic was increased by 52% year-on-year with PPC spend down by 20%. PPC profits shot up by a remarkable 122% thanks to an improved CPA. Site Reach’s outreach team ensured the brand continued to attract quality links from all over the web.

Our Content Marketing, Local and Mobile SEO strategies continued to boost Organic traffic by a further 38% and PPC campaigns continually came under budget with CPAs improving for all holiday parks. With page-1 of Google being largely dominated by Away Resorts for all local key terms, in 2015 Site Reach extended our advertising reach with Facebook Ads, Facebook Remarketing to keep driving increased ROI.

In 2016 our SEO, PPC, Remarketing and highly targeted Socia Media strategy continued to drum up massive sales increases across the board with all holiday parks benefiting from record traffic and sales.

Away Resorts continue to move from strength to strength, acquiring a new holiday park, Sandy Balls, in 2017.



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