Why Outsource to an SEO Agency?

It wasn’t long ago it seemed that, as SEO specialists, we spent far more time explaining what SEO actually was and why it was needed than actually doing it. They were innocent times, when young businesses believed that with a handsome website and a little heart, they could summon the multitudes to their home on the web.  

Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works, and though there’s plenty of good, practical advice for rolling your own SEO, as it were, we’ve seen first-hand just how er… ineffective some of those homemade efforts can be.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, that we would say that doing all your own SEO isn’t advisable. After all, that is our job, isn’t it?

Well, yes. But more than SEO professionals, we’re SEO enthusiasts, and we simply can’t sit by and watch people waste month after month throwing their valuable time and resources away on bad SEO. Here’s why we think you should outsource your SEO to a dedicated agency:


SEO is a Moving Target

SEO might seem simple enough, but did you know that Google changes their search algorithm around 500 to 600 times every single year? That’s multiple changes a day, some big, some small, but all incredibly important if you’re looking to maximise your exposure through search engines.

As experts in the field, it’s our job to know what these changes are and how they’ll affect your website. It’s about being on the ball at all times, and for busy people running a business, that’s rarely possible.

What you need is a team behind you, and that’s exactly what we offer.


Great SEO Needs Content

Running a business is hard, and managing a website alongside that is even tougher, but effective SEO needs one thing to truly succeed – amazing content.

When you’ve got your hands full with the actual act of running a business, actually writing that content falls by the wayside. We’ve seen it countless times and though it’s rarely a deliberate decision, it can be seriously detrimental to your SEO hopes in both the short and long term.

By turning to a team of SEO specialists, you can guarantee a steady stream of engaging, on-brand content without ever lifting a finger – how good is that?


Real SEO Has Amazing ROI

Now, we doubt we’ll surprise you when we tell you that professional SEO doesn’t come for free, but it does offer a tremendous return on investment when done correctly. It’s not uncommon for websites to double or triple the numbers of people visiting their website, with consummate increases of orders to boot.

Compared to homemade SEO solutions, there’s simply no comparison and though you’ll be adding a little to your outgoings, it’s more than worth it for the potential incomings.


DIY SEO Can be Risky

The internet is awash with bad advice, and that’s often the case with SEO. Old, outdated and often downright misleading, many of the articles you’ll find around the internet are, unfortunately, simply not fit for purpose.

By following that advice, you’ll not only struggle to see real returns on your time, you could actively harm your websites SEO potential, with Google ranking you down for bad SEO practices like keyword spamming, incorrect code application and more. Worth the risk? We’re not so sure.


To learn more about how we can transform your websites SEO potential, get in touch today!