Infographics: What’s the Point?

Each and every day when we log on to the internet, we’re creating masses of digital noise. Whether it’s tweeting about a live TV programme or writing blog posts (hi!), the internet grows bigger, more complex and noisier with every passing moment.

As a business, it’s your task to ensure that the noise you make is not only valuable, but also distinct. It has to be something which adds value, rather than simply adding. It has to be brilliant.

Of course, we all know that’s easier said than done, but in an age of ultrafast internet and high-res screens, there’s a new generation of content cutting through the noise. Chief amongst that new generation? Infographics.

Oh, you’ll have seen them around, those fun, fascinating images loaded up with information on any given subject. You might even have been offered infographics to post on your own website! However, despite the popularity of infographics, you might find yourself wondering what the point is? After all, isn’t good, old fashioned writing enough?

At Site Reach, we’re firm believers in the power of the infographic. So much so, that we’re about to spend the next 300-odd words evangelising them. Here’s why you should care:


Infographics Get Shared

We’re firmly at the stage wherein ‘virality’ has become little more than a marketing buzzword, but there can be no doubting that when it comes to modern internet usage, long-form text is falling by the wayside in favour of video and picture based content.

It only takes a few minutes of looking around the most popular social media websites to find that the really popular stuff isn’t text-based. So, whilst there’s absolutely real SEO and cultural value in writing copy, the infographic succeeds in being super shareable.

Attaching your website to the infographic not only gets it in front of potentially millions of eyes, but cements your reputation as an expert. Not bad, ey?


They’re Eye Catching

How much writing do you estimate you’re read so far today? Provided you’re not reading this over breakfast (if so, we’ll have a double espresso), we’re confident you can’t even remember everything you’ve read. Such is the vastness of what we intake on a daily basis, that almost all of it disappears down the bottomless pit of time.

Infographics, on the other hand, catch the eye. With big, bold graphics and compelling information, you’re that much more likely to stop and pay attention to your message. It’s the perfect mix of high-quality information and supportive graphics.


Your SEO Will Benefit

SEO – we eat, sleep and breathe it, and we’ve no doubts that you do too. We’ll always go the extra mile to push ourselves up the search rankings and, therefore, drive enquiries and sales.

Key to an effective SEO strategy is getting links from websites which are similarly (or higher!) authoritative. That’s often pretty difficult, especially if they’re a direct competitor, but it isn’t when you deploy an infographic.

As well as making for amazing content for your own blog, you’ll find that a high-quality infographic gets picked up around the internet, with blogs linking back to you all the way.

It’s just another huge benefit of infographics, so what are you waiting for, isn’t it about time you published your very own infographic?